Comfort & Care

Are Pramskins machine washable?
Yes, all pram liners and snuggle bags are machine washable. I recommend using your machine’s cool wash setting and using a laundry bag. Pramskins can be soaked in Napisan but please do not bleach. Tumble dry on the lowest setting or simply line dry in order to maintain your Pramskin’s condition.


What materials are Pramskins made from?
Pramskins pram liners are made from 100% cotton on both sides, reversing either to plain cotton. Our snuggle bags ((pram liner with a zip on/off footmuff) have cotton on the outer shell, reversing to plain colour polarfleece to make the bag extra warm for the cool season. All products are padded with 200gsm polyester wadding which is breathable and washes/dries well. 

Padded Pramskins will absorb most major spillages but you can opt for additional waterproofing if you choose the Add Waterproofing option. For this I add a layer of water-absorbent PUL fabric which is sewn into the Pramskin liner part, so you can have peace of mind no matter how messy things get.


Shipping & Returns 

How long does it take for my order to arrive?
Your Pramskin will be dispatched in approximately two weeks, once payment has cleared. All products are made to order in Melbourne, they are not imports. Please get in touch if your order is urgent.


Where do you ship to, and how much does it cost?
For details on rates and shipping locations, please see the Shipping & Returns page.


Custom Orders & Misc. Queries 

My little one has extremely sensitive skin – can I request the cotton lining on both sides of my Pramskin?
Absolutely, I’m always happy to go the extra mile for my customers, so I will replace the polar fleece for you with plain cotton in a similar complementary color – at no extra charge! Simply mention your request in the comment section during checkout.

You may also request the patterned cotton on both sides, however this will incur an additional charge of $5 – $10, depending on the fabric. Please get in touch if you have questions about a specific item.


I have a Baby Jogger / Steelcraft Agile stroller. Do your liners have a hole for the folding strap?
Typically, I do not add the hole for the folding strap for a couple of reasons. First, the folding strap is made from tough material and the soft padding of the pram liner acts as cushioning for your baby.

Secondly, the strap is located right at a point which receives the most wear and tear, caused by the little one moving and wriggling in their seat, so adding a strap hole there could eventually cause tearing in that part of the liner.

It is easy to reach in from the side or flip the liner up from the bottom so you can reach the folding strap and store your pram with the liner/snuggle bag in place. However, if you require the extra slot in your liner, please leave a note in the comments area of the checkout and it will be added at no extra charge.

How do I zip on/off my footmuff?

Make sure that both toggles of the zipper are firmly seated at the "long tooth end" before inserting the free zip edge into both, then pull the top slider upwards while holding the bottom slider firmly in place to zip up the footmuff. 


Which pram should I buy?
Everyone has different needs and preferences, and while there are plenty of good options out there, there is no “one pram to rule them all,” I’m afraid! But I’ve prepared this handy pram buying guide for those of you in need of a little extra guidance.